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RomantiqueX XNA Engine.

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RomantiqueX is a real-time rendering engine based on XNA Framework. It supports a variety of features including dynamic lighting and shadows, postprocessing, world management and so on.


Feb 20, 2008
I'm very sorry, but development of RomantiqueX XNA Engine is currently stopped by me. If some want source code to continue development or just for educational purposes, please email me to boris.jangel|at| or hr0nix|at|

Jan 3, 2008
It looks like release is delayed because of some possible bugs found in 2.0 framework. But not for long, don't worry =)

Dec 25, 2007
v0.4 is pretty ready. Now profiling a lot. And some good news: I'm going to buy Xbox360 this week, so engine will be ported to Xbox soon (I hope it will be very easy now with XNA GS 2.0 ).

Nov 15, 2007
Version 0.4 is coming. It will be released with XNA GS 2.0 (so, it will be fully supported). Some demos based on RomantiqueX engine will be available too, all with source code.
New version will have some major changes in rendering pipeline (much more flexibility, portal rendering and improved speed).

Aug 21, 2007
Version v0.2.1 is there. New in this release:
  • Visual effects are now rendered using virtual batches instead of calling Render explicitly. It solves a bug when particle system was behind the transparent glass, but was rendered after it.
  • Some optimizations (especially for shadows).
  • Some bugfixes.

Aug 09, 2007
New tutorial about engine rendering pipeline is available now!
Does anybody know why I can't translate news from or RSS, but the same thing works well for msdn blogs, for example. Some kind of magic?

Aug 08, 2007
Engine distribution uploaded yesterday was missing shader library. Get new correct distribution now.
Another good news: first engine tutorial is available at the Tutorials page.

Aug 07, 2007
Little problems with rss translation, but: new engine version is available. Look at the updated Features page, download new engine and demo. We will put a pack of engine tutorials from basic to advanced level on this site soon. We hope you like it!
Update1: engine documentation is available now.
Update2: engine demo is available now too.

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