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RomantiqueX features.

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Currently RomantiqueX includes following features:
  • Fully extensible rendering pipeline.
    • Abstraction of render pass and render path.
    • Support for custom and predefined batch sorting (so, transparent batches are supported).
  • World management system.
    • Octrees.
    • Support for more than one spatial manager for single sector (you can use quadtree for landscapes and BSP for static geometry in one sector at the same time!).
    • Powerful debug output that will help to solve any world management related problems.
  • Lighting.
    • Spot, point and directional lights.
    • Ambient lighting.
    • Soft shadows for all light types.
  • Visual effects.
    • Light shafts.
    • Particle systems.
  • Powerful and extensible postprocessing framework with some predefined postprocess filters.
    • Color to grayscale filter.
    • Radial blur filter.
    • Gaussian blur filter.
    • Bloom filter.
  • A lot of utilitary classes and functions.
    • FPS counter.
    • Abstraction for viewers: you can transparently render your scene from 3D camera or in orthographic view.
    • InputManager, which provides a way to handle different input events.
    • A lot of math functions that aren't available in XNA framework itself.

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